Dub London: Bassline of a City

Date/Time (CET)
06:00 - 08:00

Led by:
Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation



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Join us for the next one: Dub London: Bassline of a City


Meet the team behind the Museum of London’s AHI 2021 Award-winning project, Dub London: Bassline of a City. This was a temporary exhibition open to the public from 2020 to 2021 that interpreted the cultural heritage of Black and Caribbean Londoners through dub – Jamaican music and culture that helped to define community identity.

Dub London is an excellent example of a co-produced exhibition that was shaped by the research and conversations undertaken during interpretive planning. Without this work and the willingness of the Museum of London to co-curate their temporary display area, Dub London may not have truly represented the dub community and interpreted wider Black London culture and society. It also led to successfully opening museum doors to welcome a more diverse audience.

The exhibition won the 2021 Untold Stories and AHI Excellence Awards. The AHI citation for the awards is ‘Dub London is a co-curated project that provokes thought, reveals meanings, engages emotions and tells little-known stories, and which has successfully attracted new and diverse audiences to the museum.’

The exhibition is part of the Museum’s programme of inviting Londoners to share their heritage, adding to the museum’s permanent collection and shaping their headline temporary displays. Curated online content can be explored prior to the webinar on the Museum of London website.

The current and previous AHI Awards Group Chairs will host a panel session with the Dub London team then invite questions from webinar participants.


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