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With the Actionbound App and its browser-based editor, you can create your own learning journeys, so called Bounds, and publish them to others.


Our products and services:

  • Software to create and play educational treasure hunts
  • Technical and didactical support
  • Workshops and consultations


”Play is the highest form of research.” (Albert Einstein)

By using the potential of digital media and gamification, you can turn any topic into an interactive journey of discovery. Let your players explore a subject by answering quizzes, solving riddles and mastering fun missions. Tell a story by letting players be part of it. By using Actionbound, you can create an experience that is not only fun for your learners but also a creative outlet for you.

Actionbound is a start-up from Berlin. Our goal is to make gamification accessible to everyone, so that anyone can introduce playful elements in the learning experience. Individuals use Actionbound to create a fun event for birthday or bachelor parties. Teachers and professors use it to spice up their classes. Institutions like museums or universities use it to create interactive tours for their visitors. Companies large and small use Actionbound’s unique pedagogical approach to train their staff.

Create your own experience by using the Bound-Creator which is really intuitive and easy to use. Sign up for a free two-week trial.

You can also book a workshop to get an overview of the possibilities of Actionbound and functionalities of the software. You can even set-up a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts to make your content even more playful and accessible.

Interpret Europe members will receive special offers such as a 10% discount on licenses or special prizes for workshops or consulting.

Language the company works in: German, English; Actionbound App is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Lithuanian, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Chinese, traditional Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Latvian, Danish, Estonian and Welsh

Awards: eLearning Award, digita, Giga Maus, Pädagogischer Medienpreis