The theme will look at what interpretation can learn from other professions, and what interpretation can give to them, especially in relation to the tourism, marketing and architectural industries.
Highlights include visits to the newly revamped National Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, a themed interpretative tour of the Scottish Whisky Experience and a themed costumed tour of the city’s World Heritage Centre delivered by Jackie Lee of Artemis Scotland.
Award-winning Bright 3D design company is running our pre-conference workshop: a master class in blurring the lines between branding, retail and interpretation to create seamless and holistic visitor experiences.
We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, including:
      *David Hicks, Edinburgh World Heritage Site, Shaping tourism and city identity through interpretation
      * Tom Ingrey-Counter, National Trust for Scotland, Battle of Bannockburn – an insight to cutting edge 3D digital design technology in interpretation
      * Evelyn Thurlby, the Visitor Attraction Company, Business planning strategies to keep interpretative attractions commercially sound and viable
      * Lorna Ewan, Historic Scotland, Stirling Castle – an insight into the innovative latest project from Historic Scotland
      * Carl Atkinson, National Resources Wales, Psychology, visitor studies and the theory of interpretation
      * James Carter and James Loxley, Linking literature to interpretation
      * David Masters, Imagemakers, Richard III – creating interpretation under the media spotlight
      * Hedley Swain, Arts Council England, Linking the world of art to the art of interpretation
      * Jo Scott, Heritage planning and interpretation, Taking interpretation to the high street
      * Forestry Commission Scotland, Developing a new holistic approach to interpretative visitor experiences
      * Michael Glen and Emily Scott, Musical Interpretation – linking interpretation with song
If you would are interested in presenting a delegate paper please contact Ruth Coulthard at
To book your place just fill in the booking form and return it to the AHI Office – The Administrator, Association for Heritage Interpretation, 54 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, ME7 4PG., 0560 274 7737   
We look forward to welcoming you in Edinburgh!