IE offers a range of training courses to its members. These courses are designed for all who provide visitor experiences and involve people at heritage sites such as guides, tourism professionals, architects, museologists, museum curators and site managers. Sites include nature parks, historic buildings, museums, gardens and zoos.

Developing excellence and empowering people

Our training programme enables participants to secure skills in various fields such as guiding, hosting, writing, planning and live interpretation. Certified members can also become certified IE trainers and teach IE courses themselves in their own countries and native languages, in their own organisations and networks, or as freelancers.

Heads-up and hands-on

Far-removed from traditional, passive learning, our training courses are thoroughly hands-on to produce perceptive and creative interpreters. Our course participants not only enjoy the latest training content and materials but are encouraged to become actively involved in sharing this expertise in their countries.

Being part of a growing network

IE membership is mandatory to join IE training courses, and IE’s high-quality training programme is the most common reason why members join the network. To date, 400 members from 29 countries have participated in IE courses in Europe and beyond. Their number, as well as the scheduled courses on offer, is growing year on year.

Becoming an organising partner

Regional or local authorities, tourism boards and agencies, landscape management institutions, universities and academies, heritage site management bodies and their umbrella organisations can invite IE trainers to run courses in their local area. To organise an IE course, contact

IE training principles

Download the IE training policy