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Our webinar programme offers regular sessions, which are led by IE trainers or other experts and discuss different aspects of heritage interpretation. For a free taster session by Thorsten Ludwig, presenting the EU awarded paper, ‘Engaging citizens with Europe’s cultural heritage’, see here.

For IE members, participation in IE webinars is free.

For non-IE members, the participation fees are the same as for 50% of the full individual membership fee. Prices depend on the average income in single countries (see here). Payment is only possible via PayPal.

You can find a List of IE webinars before June 2023 by clicking here. If you are an IE member, you can access these webinar recordings from your membership profile.

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IE Webinar: Interpretation and regenerative tourism. How interpreters can boost ecosocial change.

Four scalable examples will be shown during this workshop about how interpretive guides at a local level can play a

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06 November 2023

IE Webinar: Visitor research and segmentation – Does it still make sense?

The presentation will look at different approaches to visitor segmentation. Based on four case studies and reviews of 24 interpretive

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26 October 2023

IE Webinar: Heritage interpretation or not? – Glimpses from a museum study

If you ask Bulgarian museums, very few of them will tell you they are doing heritage interpretation. They will tell

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15 September 2023

IE Webinar: Interpreting heritage without any heritage around us

  Interpreters work with almost everything and almost everywhere, and some believe that heritage interpretation has some kind of magic

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30 August 2023

IE Webinar: The Roman military site of Călugăreni. Challenges of research and heritage protection.

Călugăreni/Mikháza is a traditional village în Transylvania, Romania, and was recently included in the programme of the IE conference 2023.

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22 June 2023

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