IE Webinar: Interpretation: the art of being memorable

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IE Webinar: Interpretation: the art of being memorable


10 April
15:00 - 16:30
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Curiosity is an innate characteristic of all animals. It drives us all towards learning new things, to understand how the world, and we, work. Thanks to interpretation, heritage sites become opportunities to awaken this curiosity and the desire for informal learning.In the realm of heritage interpretation, the journey from encountering a phenomenon to making meaningful sense of it is a fascinating process. At its core, heritage interpretation is about enabling people to navigate the rich tapestry of their cultural legacy. To unravel this intricate journey, let us explore the steps involved and the crucial role played by experience and participation in the process of making long lasting memories. If you would like to join for this webinar, register here.

Vanessa Vaio is a heritage interpretation consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field and is currently the country coordinator for Italy. She is the owner of an interpretive planning and consulting firm based in Como, Italy, where she specializes in interpretation programs, interpretive master planning and designing of interpretive media and content for heritage sites and museums. She also provides training for personnel who implement interpretive activities. Vanessa has a multidisciplinary approach and works with a team of professionals to provide integrated solutions for all types of projects. 


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