Interpret Europe initiatives, either regional or thematic, are sparked by our desire to empower all who inspire meaningful connections with Europe’s natural and cultural heritage to shape our common future.

We wish to demonstrate, either in a particular region, or across particular field, how heritage interpretation is relevant:

  • to demonstrate the high potential of heritage, not only for economic development but also for healthy communities and the growth of individual people;
  • to explore how heritage can help shape our society by fostering friendly cooperation among individuals, groups and entire countries, based upon Europe’s shared values;
  • to all professionals in tourism, culture, nature conservation, and other heritage fields, which we prove with our training programme that can also encourage neighbouring regions or related fields to follow the example.

Take a look at our current and past initiatives:

Fostering communities, Western Balkan region, 2018-2020

Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation, tourism, 2021-2022

Learning landscapes: Value-based interpretive planning at UNESCO-designated sites, 2024-2026