Interpret Europe’s membership fees differ according to the membership category (individual, institutional, business) but also according to the average income in the member’s country of residence.

Regarding the latter, the actual amounts refer to the GDP per capita (the gross domestic product in international dollars) according to World Bank statistics. They are currently related to the year 2022.

Four fee groups cover the following ranges:

Group A: average income up to $12,700
Group B: average income above $12,700 up to $22,900
Group C: average income above $22,900 up to $33,000
Group D: average income above $33,000.


In Albania, the GDP per capita was $6,810 in 2022. Therefore Albania belongs to Group A. In Italy, the GDP per capita was $34,776 in 2022. Therefore Italy belongs to Group D.

Find out more on the Join Interpret Europe page, which includes the details and fees for individual membership, institutional membership and business membership.

We ask you kindly to ensure that your membership fees are paid by the end of January of the current membership year. Those who join in November or December of any year have their membership fee waived for those remaining months of that year, but the full membership fees for the next year become due in January.