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Name: Module on Interpretive Hosting (MIH)


Duration: 16 hours


Designed for: professionals who work in the tourism and hospitality sector as business owners, employees or volunteers. No previous experience in interpretation is required.


Subjects covered: personal interpretation, interpretive writing, sustainability, meaning making.

This special 16-hour training module is designed for people all over Europe who work in the field of tourism and hospitality, close to natural or cultural heritage sites.


The module supports those who want to create meaningful connections between their products or services and heritage phenomena. It helps them enhance, diversify or add value to their offer by creating memorable experiences for their guests.


Through this module, participants will be introduced to the basic qualities of personal interpretation, but also interpretive writing and planning to develop interpretive content for their own business. At the same time, constructive peer evaluation and exchange of ideas will offer the basis for future collaborations that will support the new interpretive hosts even after the module has finished! 


This is not a full certification course. After completion, participants receive a certificate of attendance.