23 November at 18:00 CET

This webinar will address, in particular, nature guides. Today, the majority of the human population in Europe lives in urban areas where there is not much opportunity to encounter nature in the wild. Despite this, there are many romantic nature lovers and environmental warriors. This can be an interesting challenge for interpreters and nature guides.  We will reflect upon the values and purpose of our work. We will also exchange practical experiences on what we want to do achieve with our work, who our visitors are, what activities will help them to connect with nature and when interpreters need to step aside and leave space for individual experiences with nature.

Marija Fajdiga has worked for more than 20 years as a ranger in the Škocjan Caves Park, a UNESCO WHS in Slovenia. Among her tasks are workshops for children and adults with the aim of reconnecting people with nature. She used to work as a tour guide in another world-famous site, the Postojna Cave. At the University of Ljubljana, Marija studied animal husbandry, known as zootechnics. She is an IE Certified Interpretive Guide and Trainer and currently Country Coordinator Slovenia. Nature is her everyday companion, her inspiration, pleasure and joy.