Institutions can join IE for free in February 2024!

IE offers all institutions, organisations, public bodies, universities and NGOs free membership for 2024, provided that they register by 29 February 2024!

Institutions that qualify for the membership should in one or another way deal with heritage. Your institution will find itself in the international network of members from nature filed (such as Norwegian Parks Association), tourism organisations (such as Tourism Flanders), organisations dealing with monuments (such as American Battle Monuments Commission), museums, open air museums or archeological parks (such as Viminacium Archaeological Park), public bodies such as regional agencies and councils, municipalities, university departments, heritage NGOs and others.  

Check how institutions benefit from IE services and consider this offer as a joint venture for one year that has an opportunity to become a valuable long-term relationship. 

To take advantage, apply the discount code INST2024 in the registration form