Join us at the prestigious ‘Meet, See, Do 2024 – International Museum Conference that Makes the Difference’ in Tivat, Montenegro, on 18-19 April 2024. Together, we can safeguard cultural heritage during crises and truly make a difference in the field!

‘Meet, See, Do’ promises to inspire, facilitate the sharing of examples, and establish partnerships among professionals.

Call for Workshop Facilitators:

Are you affiliated with a museum, a civil society organization, or academia in the Balkans? Do you have practical examples and case studies to share? Are you passionate about engaging participants with hands-on activities? If so, we invite YOU to facilitate a workshop at our conference. Workshops are a key component, offering practical experience across various themes such as protection of cultural heritage in conflicts, impact of natural disasters, strategies for climate emergency, digitization and new technologies, and much more.

Workshops will complement keynote lectures, panel discussions, and poster presentations. ‘Meet, See, Do 2024’ features over fifteen sessions, with the bulk comprising practical workshops running concurrently. Each workshop lasts 60 minutes, divided into three sessions where workshops are conducted in parallel, allowing participants to choose which to attend, with a maximum of 20 people per workshop.

Themes for workshop proposals include:

  • Protection of cultural heritage in armed conflict
  • Impact of earthquakes, floods, and other natural catastrophes on cultural heritage
  • Climate emergency strategies for cultural heritage
  • Addressing neglected or dissonant cultural heritage
  • The role of education and training in safeguarding heritage
  • Digitization and new technologies (AI, ML, NLP, VR, etc.) in heritage protection
  • Combating illicit trafficking of cultural heritage
  • Conservation and documentation of heritage
  • Engaging communities, especially young people, with their heritage

Facilitators are expected to prepare an introductory theme, design group activities, and manage hands-on tasks for debate and participation. We seek dynamic presenters, preferably from the Balkan museum sector, civil society, or academia, who can share case studies and actively involve participants. Co-presenters are welcome if they enhance the workshop’s quality.

Selected facilitators will have their travel, accommodation, and meal costs covered. Please submit your session description, a short bio, your CV, and a motivation letter. Proposals will be evaluated, and the best selected for the conference.