Sponsoring a membership is a great way to help both, an up and coming interpreter as well as Interpret Europe.

And it is simple: just fill this form and make your choices. We will then contact the person or institution you want to support. Only if they accept the donation and sign up for membership, we will invoice you.

You can decide whether you want to sponsor the beneficiary only for a limited time or to grant a normal membership for an indefinite time. You can quit an unlimted sponsorship of a membership at any time. It will become effective for the year that follows your withdrawal.

The beneficiary

What type of membership do you want to sponsor?

  • ‘Individual’ and ‘professional’ affiliate a single person with Interpret Europe
  • ‘Organisation’ benefits an informal network, a not for profit organisation or a department of a public body. The organisation can send up to two representativs to Interpret Europe events.
  • ‘Corporate’ is a great way to support a start-up in the field of interpretation. It includes the promotion of the business profile through our website.

Payment Method

For all organisations with a bank account in the Single Euro Payments Area (which comprises also many non-Euro currency countries – see SEPA) we recommend to issue a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate which you can find here.