IE’s joint conference with the UK’s Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI) took place in Inverness, Scotland, at the start of October – welcoming participants from 27 countries. We share some of your responses to it.

We have received lots of positive feedback from participants and the Facebook page was buzzing with photos and chat during and after the event, with people using the warmth of their connections to thaw out after a chilly trip to Scotland.

We should say a huge thank you to Bill Taylor, Conference Coordinator, and the team of volunteers who worked really hard with Ruth Coulthard of AHI to deliver a great and varied programme.

An article from Janja Sivec in Slovenia follows, in which she shares her impressions of the conference and I’d just like to share some words from another one of our members from mainland Europe, Maria Elvira Lezcano from Spain.

‘My general impression is really excellent. I was there with the aim of representing AIP, the Spanish Association for Heritage Interpretation (we have recently become members of IE). I felt very excited to have the opportunity to meet such a group of interesting people, as well as to know the two organisations which ran the conference. I could appreciate all the work to organise everything. It was professional, interpretive in many cases, creative, participative and original. I was especially impressed with most of the speakers and experiences, with the raffle (what an excellent idea), and of course with the awards. You have definitely inspired me in relation to the subject (re-imagining landscapes, the importance of people and memory in them), and of course in a human sense. I hope to have the opportunity to live this experience again. Thanks so much.’

If you weren’t in Inverness and want to see some of what you missed out on, you can find links on the website to read the welcoming addresses and watch the excellent final keynote from the conference – by Carol Ritchie, Executive Director of EUROPARC Federation.

And now we start to look forward to our next gathering – in Hungry in March. You’ll find more details further down the newsletter.

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