The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation celebrates its 10th anniversary with the conference, ‘Nature Interpretation for the Future’.

It has been ten years since the SCNI was established by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and our office opened in Uppsala. Since then, our aim has been to serve as a meeting place, a centre for professional development and a competence resource for all nature interpreters in Sweden. What better way to celebrate an anniversary, than with a conference about heritage interpretation?! 

On 8-9 October 2018, heritage interpreters are welcome to Uppsala to meet and interact with colleagues and inspiring speakers, such as storytelling activist Mary Alice Arthur (USA), Carol Ritchie, Director of EUROPARC Federation (UK), and Claes Svedlindh, Head of Nature Department at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The conference will (mainly) be held in Swedish. For more information, please visit 

Lena Malmstrom is one of four staff making up the SCNI. You can get in touch with her and her colleagues at: . 

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