In the case of office support positions, we would like to turn our volunteer office work into paid work as soon as we achieve sufficient income from membership fees. However, this should not be your main reason for joining the team. Since we intend to keep membership fees low, it may take another two or three years until we get there. What should be your driver is becoming part of our team in order to experience our community of dedicated members and to feel how IE gets better and stronger through you, day by day.

Webinar Officer
Can you inspire others and are you a good organiser? As our webinar manager, you will:

  • recruit speakers and presenters at the end of each year for the following year (in cooperation with our Training Coordinator)
  • develop an annual schedule for webinars at the beginning of each year (planned dates, presenters, titles and short introductory descriptions) 
  • promote the webinars through IE communication channels (Facebook, newsletters), together with our News and Social Media Coordinators 
  • take care of technical procedures (organising a trial run with each presenter, organising and chairing each session)

We run one webinar per month. Occasionally, country coordinators or trainers might need technical assistance for their internal webinar sessions.
The estimated workload is 10 hours per month.

Contact: Helena Vičič, Office Manager

Website Officer
Are you skilled in working with websites and enjoy creating their content? IE Website officer will: 
–    supervise all activities on the website
–    upload and edit content on our website
–    suggest improvements to the existing content
–    liaise with the News Team for proofreading
–    send newsletters and newsmails to members

The estimated workload is 10 hours per month.   

Contact: Helena Vičič, Office Manager

Tourism Team seeks support
The tourism team is looking for enthusiastic people that have an interest in tourism to help implement our stakeholders strategy. Could your friendly face be the one to help encourage new members and build up new connections with other tourism professionals and key players? We will stay tuned for tourism calls for papers and events and actively participate in them as a great chance to keep up with the tourism sector and heritage interpretation.

If you have just a couple of hours to spare per month and a passion for tourism and heritage interpretation, then why not become part of the tourism team and help raise the profile of IE across Europe?

Contact: Nuria Mohedano, Tourism Coordinator

Click, like, share – our Social Media team is looking for you!
Are you keen in developing and posting social media content? 
We are currently active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and we are developing content for our YouTube channel and Wikipedia articles. We need someone who knows their way with YouTube or Wikipedia and would be willing to help us post content on other social media sites. This is also a great way for you to be informed about all the great things happening in the world of heritage interpretation and cultural tourism.

If you would like to join our team in posting, sharing and editing social media content – and can help to build our YouTube and Wikipedia audience – we would love to hear from you. 

Contact: Iva Klaric Vujovic, Social Media Coordinator

Our newsletters need you!
The News Team is looking for members to help provide exciting content for our quarterly newsletter. 

Could you be a story searcher?
Either in your geographic region or a subject area of interest to you, could you help to gather stories that might be of interest to other members? We particularly want to know about:
•    News from cultural and natural fields 
•    New developments in heritage interpretation
•    Reviews of events

Are you great at finding funding?
If you regularly search for EU funding opportunities and would be willing to share any opportunities you find with other members, please let us know. We’re looking for someone to add opportunities to the funding section of the newsletter.

How’s your English?
If you’re a native speaker with a good grasp of grammar and have some spare time each month, would you like to help with proofreading? We need some support proofing articles, newsmails, website content etc to support our members for whom English is a second (or third, or even fourth!) language.

If you can help with any of the above, or have any other suggestions for what you would like to see in your newsletter, please get in touch!

Contact: Marie Banks, News Coordinator