Firstly, we are happy to introduce the members who have already stepped up to join the team and will serve you alongside the IE Management.

  • Office Manager Deputy, Inesa Sulaj (Albania), is your first contact point for all general questions and the she will deal with the database. She can be contacted at
  • Membership Support Officer, Yasmina Vera (Spain), takes care of the certified members for the training administration. She can be contacted at
  • Networking Officer, Jaume Torres (Spain), will take care of corporate and organisation members and the services we provide for them. He can be contacted at
  • Webinar Officer, Katarina Kogoj (Slovenia), will run the IE webinar programme. She can be contacted at

If you are also willing to contribute to our vibrant happenings, we have still some vacant volunteer positions.

Website officer

Are you skilled in working with websites and enjoy creating their content? IE Website officer will:

  • supervise all activities on the website
  • upload and edit content on our website
  • suggest improvements to the existing content
  • liaise with the News Team for proofreading
  • send newsletters and newsmails to members

The estimated workload is at 10 hours per month.   

Design officer

Do you possess design skills and experience of working with design programmes? As our design officer, you will:

  • create flyers and leaflets about three times per year
  • update our business cards or similar products when needed
  • place orders for products and services, such as promotional material
  • work on IE’s corporate design and derive templates from it

You should possess at least basic design skills and have appropriate software on your computer, preferably Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator).

The estimated workload is 10 hours per month.   

IT officer

Have you IT knowledge and skills, and do you like to explain these things to others?

Our IT officer will:

  • manage our domains, our cloud system and the accounts for the IE email addresses
  • support users in setting up their email accounts and cloud access
  • support users with problems with their email accounts and the cloud
  • support the website manager and the webinar manager on IT-related issues

The estimated workload is 8 hours per month.

Invoicing officer

Are you precise and reliable, good with numbers?

Our Invoicing officer will:

  • Send invoices to members
  • Check accounts for membership fee payments
  • Keep the membership database up-to-date regarding payments (payment status, payment type etc.)

The estimated workload is 8 hours per month.

We would like to turn our volunteer office work into paid work as soon as we achieve sufficient income from membership fees. However, this should not be your main reason for joining the team. Since we intend to keep membership fees low, it may take another two or three years until we get there.

What should be your driver is becoming part of our team in order to experience our community of dedicated members and to feel how IE gets better and stronger through you, day by day.

I’m very much looking forward to talking with you. The start date for all positions will be determined by individual mutual agreements.
If you can imagine supporting us in IE’s office or need more information, please get in touch.

Helena Vicic is IE’s Management Assistant and Office Manager. She can be contacted at: