Mythical Adventure - Skopje’s Forest Creatures and How to Find Them, Image: Maja Argakijeva

European Heritage Days (EHD) showcased the evolving landscape of heritage interpretation, highlighting its significance for our sustainable future. 

In Skopje, North Macedonia, a series of events underscored this pivotal role during the European Heritage Days (EHD) and signaled a new era of accessibility for both professionals and the general public.

On September 10, 2023, HAEMUS, in collaboration with Europe House Skopje, hosted the event, Mythical Adventure – Skopje’s Forest Creatures and How to Find Them. This interactive, gamified experience captivated children and youths, offering insights into traditional Macedonian mythology, customs, and beliefs. Participants embarked on a journey armed with a Mythical Map, a Magical Handbook, and a plethora of specially crafted cards, tokens, puzzles, and challenges. Their mission: piece together these elements like a puzzle to unveil the secrets behind magical storytelling.

Continuing the momentum, on September 16, 2023, HAEMUS, once again in partnership with Europe House Skopje, conducted a highly successful one-day educational training event on heritage interpretation. This event empowered participants to enhance their creative visualisation and communication skills within the realm of heritage interpretation. The goal was clear: to create cultural-tourism products that would contribute to the sustainable development of local communities. The training garnered significant interest from tourism professionals, museum institutions, and enthusiastic young attendees.

Pare Zareska, museum curator at the City Museum of Prilep, shared her profound gratitude for the training. She emphasised the importance of a user-friendly approach to interpretation in their profession, underscoring its role in promoting a sustainable approach to heritage protection and preservation.

This training aimed to redefine heritage interpretation within the context of sustainable tourism. It fostered interactive learning and collaboration between tourism stakeholders and local communities, offering a fresh perspective on the future of sustainable heritage. I am very proud to have hosted both of these events as part of the EHDs.

Vasilka Dimitrovska is Interpret Europe’s Country Coordinator North Macedonia. She is the director of HAEMUS – Center for Scientific Research and promotion of Culture ( and the owner of Storytelling Skopje ( She can be contacted at:

To cite this article: Dimitrovska, Vasilka  (2023)Unlocking Europe’s heritage: European Heritage Days & HAEMUS initiatives‘in Interpret Europe Newsletter 3-2023, pg. 14.
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