Example of great group dynamics during IE training courses (Images: Thorsten Ludwig)

Our new Training Coordinators say hello and give an insight into their thoughts for the future of IE training.

After seven years of extraordinary work, Valya Stergioti stepped down from the role of Training Coordinator at the end of 2023. Her legacy is a fully working training programme, which includes a selection of courses, many qualified trainers and thousands of participants who have taken hundreds of training courses. 

From the start of this year, Iva Čaleta Pleša and Michal Medek have jointly taken over the role. This seems like good combination. Iva has close connections with the largest group of IE members and a large trainers’ community in Croatia while working for the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. She has a good understanding of heritage interpretation perspectives in the field of politics. Michal has a background in academia and is skilled in organisational issues since he established and managed two environmental education centres as well as programme development.

Regarding the future development of the IE training programme, the new training coordinators – together with the newly establishing training team – will continue with the development of new courses and modules, as well as some upgrades to the existing ones, taking input from trainers and other experts. 

The open discussion with the trainers will also continue and one result of this so far is to introduce new criteria for maintaining IE trainer status. The aim is to offer trainers multiple ways to keep their IE training status valid.

Since the IE training programme is already a robust one it would not be wise to introduce wide-ranging changes. Iva and Michal thus rather focus on strengthening IE capacities in the programme development while giving support and voice to both the existing and future trainers.

Iva Čaleta Pleša and Michal Medek
IE Training Coordinators
You can contact the IE training team at: training@interpret-europe.net 

To cite this article: Čaleta Pleša, Iva & Medek, Michal (2024) ‘Further development of IE’s training programme’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2024, pg.8.
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