Image: William Iven from Pixabay

17 June 2020,09:00 CET

From birth onwards, we learn by playing. As we get older, other forms of learning become more important than play, but that doesn‘t mean that people lose their desire to play or that our minds are no longer built for playful learning. In fact, the opposite is true. Game-based learning triggers emotions in people of all ages. By doing so, it helps make them more receptive to new information and ideas. In this webinar, Lotta talked about the effects of gamification and about the Actionbound app and the online Bound Creator as examples of how to create and enjoy intuitive play environments.

Lotta Krickel is an expert on the didactics of gamification with a master’s degree in e-Learning and media literacy. As an employee of Actionbound, she gives workshops and consultations for customers and can answer almost every question concerning the software.