Image: Angus Forbes

29 October 2020,18:00 CEST

– For professional members only –

In this webinar, Angus Forbes returned to the ideas he presented at IE’s 2020 online conference, while explained and discussed them in greater detail. He demonstrated how every architectural design is unavoidably an act of interpretation, to bring these interpretive qualities into focus, and to look at ways in which architecture can stimulate interpretive processes in people. His search for ways to apply the principles of heritage interpretation to landscape architecture has meant taking a closer look at the philosophical foundations of heritage interpretation. His observations offer practitioners in all branches of interpretation food for thought.

Angus Forbes was born in 1971 in Kenya, growing up there and in the Scottish Highlands. He graduated in 1994 with a BA(Hons) in three-dimensional design (Exeter) and in 1998 with master’s in landscape architecture (Edinburgh). Since 1998, he has worked as a landscape architect in Berlin, specialising in environments for play, learning and recreation. He has been a member of Interpret Europe since 2015, IE Architects’ Coordinator since 2019 and has contributed to the development of the CIP (Certificate for Interpretive Planner) course in 2020.