'People like us’ created by John Clinch Photo by: Thorsten Ludwig

31 March 2021,18:00 CEST

Black Lives Matter encouraged sidelined groups to knock established narratives off their pedestals and to interpret heritage from a new perspective. But it sometimes seems as if one ruthlessness is simply replaced by another. How can we encourage people to interpret in a more mindful way?Within IE, this exploration started with the 2016 conference, ‘Heritage interpretation for the future of Europe’, and continued the following year with the award-winning initiative, ‘Engaging citizens with Europe’s cultural heritage’. Is it now time to take another step in the development of our profession? The webinar will guide you through different areas of mindfulness, introduce some recent findings about the brain and the mind, analyse the true potential of the mindfulness trend and consider what the implementation of more mindfulness could mean for current interpretation theory and practice.

Thorsten Ludwig is an interpretive trainer, planner and consultant based in Germany. He founded his own business, Bildungswerk interpretation, in 1993 and became Managing Director of Interpret Europe in 2015.