Image Credits: Thorsten Ludwig

IE held its General Assembly in Romania ahead of iecon23. The results of the motions are shared below.

Members could join online if not able to travel to the venue and the online voting system was active, allowing members a period of 24 hours to cast their votes.
On 12 May, 44 members joined the GA in person and 10 joined online to receive the 2022 reports from the Supervisory Committee and Management and to discharge both bodies from liability. 

Four motions were raised and the following decisions were made, with 26 votes cast in each case (from 52 members that had registered and were eligible to vote): 

  1. As from January 2024, for an unlimited period, because of his meritorious service on behalf of Interpret Europe, Thorsten Ludwig should be awarded honorary member status of IE. (From the Supervisory Committee and IE Management). The motion was passed: 100% for.
  2. The current administration fee for attendees in IE training events shall be included in the individual entry membership fee. (From Thorsten Ludwig). The motion was passed: 77% for; 11.5% against; 11.5% abstention.
  3. IE should retain compulsory membership for IE course participants and agree to reconsider the question of compulsory course participant membership when IE has secured financial stability through fundraising and wider membership offer of products and services meaning that it is less dependent on its training programme for income and membership growth. (From the Supervisory Committee and IE Management as a response on the motion from 2021 on obligatory membership for IE course participants). The motion was passed: 81% for; 15% against; 4% abstention.
  4. The Vote for Supervisory Committee candidate, Jurn Buisman, was passed: 100% for.

As usual, the full minutes will be shared with all members before the next General Assembly.

To cite this article: Decisions from IE’s General Assembly in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2023, pg.10.
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