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Whether you joined iecon in Koper or missed out, here is a flavour of the experience as we already look forward to meeting again in 2025.

Once again IE created a meeting place for lovers of heritage interpretation in all its various forms. A place to find participants from Asia to America and all of Europe under the same roof and who share similar interests.Being able to interact personally again with people from throughout Europe, and more broadly. Involvement from UNESCO/IUCN was wonderful (including the South Korean reps). 

The global dimension of the presenters and participants was great.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to become part of a community that shares interests in heritage interpretation.

The blend of thoughtful presentations, study visits, a good venue and time to talk with like-minded people, all together made this an inspiring and valuable event.

I got inspiration, new ideas, contacts.

This confirmed for me that interpretation is my method and that I want to continue on this path.

The programme was strong and had presenters from throughout Europe. Even though it is always frustrating to have to choose from among concurrent sessions, the variety and number of sessions was good. I also really liked the afternoon opportunities for study site visits.

I enjoyed the study visits. These made us discuss the different approaches to heritage interpretation.

There is an increasing readiness among heritage interpreters to rethink some of our theoretical assumptions and established practices, i.e. to challenge our own mindsets.

It highlighted the need for interpreters to challenge people to think and question things, and deal with ‘different’ histories.

There is a lot of quality thinking and practice evolving throughout Europe. I continue to appreciate the broader view, and linking interpretation to significant national and transnational efforts, priorities and framing, and in different political contexts. 

Various examples of interpreting in situations of prior and current conflict was so helpful and provocative.

I appreciated the opportunity to explore the diverse perspectives and motivations people have for heritage interpretation.

The sustainable, delicious lunches and other meals were appreciated (yes, I noticed: nothing was wasted – good follow through on sustainability!)

I especially like the relaxed and lively atmosphere among the attendees and at the same time in a context of knowledge, of people interested in what they do and with a love to improve and make known the different corners of the world we work with.

I valued the sense of community.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in Poland next year!

Thanks to the participants for sharing their thoughts either directly or through the feedback form.

Save the date!
Our next conference is already booked! More details of #iecon25 will be announced in the next newsletter. We will meet again in person next year in Sulejowek near Warsaw, Poland from 11 to 14 April 2025. IE’s Event Coordinator, Bettina Lehnes, will visit in May and we will be able to share more details with you in the summer newsletter. So for now, take a note of the date and keep your diary free!

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