2024 winners of the European Heritage Awards (Image: Radoszek Arts/Europa Nostra)

Europa Nostra has announced this year’s winners of the European Heritage Awards. Entries for the Public Choice Award are open until 22 September.

I am pleased to write to you on behalf of Europa Nostra in my capacity as Programme Manager of the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards.

On 30 May we announced the 26 outstanding heritage achievements from 18 countries that have been awarded Europe’s top honour in the field. You can find the official press release (and translations into some languages), along with videos and photos of the winners, on our website https://www.europanostra.org/2024-winners-of-europe-top-heritage-awards-announced-by-the-european-commission-and-europa-nostra/.

Among the 26 winners, I thought these two might be of particular interest to Interpret Europe members:

  • The Square Kilometre, Ghent, Belgium


For the past five years, a ‘historian in residence’ has been travelling the most diverse parts of Ghent. Per ‘square kilometre’, she has invited locals to bring forth ‘hidden histories’. Each residency culminates in an exhibition within STAM Ghent City Museum and numerous heritage guides where the narration is shaped by the locals. 

  • The Silence that Tore Down the Monument, Kamenska, Croatia


The anti-fascist ‘Monument to the Victory of the People of Slavonia’ in Kamenska, created by renowned artist Vojin Bakić from 1958 to 1968, was destroyed in 1992, during the 1990s’ wars in former Yugoslavia. This project resurrected the monument through Augmented Reality technology, a pioneering approach in the heritage conservation field. 

You are also invited to vote for the Public Choice Award through our online platform https://vote.europanostra.org/. The deadline for voting is 22 September. The winner of the Public Choice Award will be announced alongside the Grand Prix winners on 7 October at the Romanian Athenaeum, the most prestigious concert hall in Bucharest.

Elena Bianchi is the Programme Manager for the European Heritage Awards at Europa Nostra. She can be contacted at: eb@europanostra.org.

To cite this article:  Bianchi, Elena (2024) ‘Outstanding heritage ‘in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2024, pg.23.
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