Since the qualification and learning outcomes characterising heritage interpretation activities were not clearly identified across European vocational education and training systems, IOEH intended to apply heritage interpretation to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and to the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

Therefore the project defined learning outcomes and included them into transferable units with credit points allocation as basis of an ECVET qualification design ‘European Heritage Interpreter’.

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IOEH project partners

Aris Formazione e Ricerca (Italy)

Consorzio Itaca (Italy)

Diesis Coop (Belgium)

Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung (Austria)

Koan Consulting (Spain)

Notranjski Ekološki Centre (Slovenia)

Tradenet Global (Hungary)

Associated Partners

Ayuntamiento de Segovia (Spain)

Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hungary)

European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (Belgium)

Interpret Europe (registered in Germany)

National Centre for Environmental Education (Spain)

Regione Umbria (Italy)

IOEH project results

ECVET qualification design ‘European Heritage Interpreter’: