The Planning and Design of Interpretive Media course is a 4-day interpretive experience with lots of hands-on learning opportunities.  Participants will receive training in the practical development of interpretive panels, museum and visitor center exhibits, self-guiding tour media and other technologies used for presenting interpretive services to the public.  The course will be presented my John Veverka from the US.  John is a Certified Interpretive Planner and Trainer with 30 years of experience in planning, design and evaluation of interpretive services media. Participants can work on individual interpretive media projects they bring with to the course.


To draw on both US and UK experience to give participants greater confidence and ability to plan, design and present truly interpretive panels and exhibits.

Course Objectives:

  • A greater understanding of how the underlying principles, concepts and philosophy of Interpretation relate to planning dynamic and successful panels and exhibits.
  • The experience of having been walked through an interpretive planning model and applied to developing interpretive panels or exhibits for your own site or facility.
  • Be able to ‘connect’ your media to visitors in a more ‘intangible’ way.
  • Be able to be create interpretive panel and exhibits pre-testing strategies.
  • To improve your interpretive text writing skills.
  • See examples of truly interpretive panels and exhibits as models.
  • Learn of the latest interpretive panels fabrication materials and costs.
  • Learn how to better contract or write for bids for interpretive panel and exhibit projects.
  • Greater confidence and ability to ensure successful interpretive planning and design skills for future interpretive media projects.
  • Having had an opportunity to exchange ideas with other course members and experienced practitioners.

For whom?

Anyone involved in planning, designing, or contracting for interpretive panels and exhibits. The course will also be of great benefit for exhibit designers and interpretive media developers and consultants who want to improve their products using the latest interpretive planning strategies and learn about new production techniques and materials.
For course details and registration information potential participants can contact the training center at: or Beth Clues (course manager) at:  Each course is limited to 20 participants. 
For more course content information you can contact John Veverka at