Organiser: Society of Cultural Development of Eastern Macedonia.
Languages: Greek (some presentations in English, limited consecutive interpretation to English)
The general framework of the conference respects the complexity of culture and heritage adopting a multilayered approach to the issues to be discussed:
The concept of cultural heritage includes:

  • natural and cultural heritage, tangible and intangible heritage resources such as places, landscapes, built environment, natural and cultural diversity, experiential practices and traditions;
  • heritage as a factor for the formation of personal and collective identities and identity of places,
  • as a testimony of the historical evolution and collective memory and
  • as a factor for the formation of contemporary and future community life.

In the era of globalization the predominance of a homogenous cultural pattern is evident; the diffusion of lifestyles is promoted via the new reality. The interpretation and protection of local heritage is a powerful instrument to protect and promote cultural diversity, employ local populations into heritage planning, involve young audiences in to the heritage care and sparkle the interest of wide range of different audiences.
Many questions arise in regards to the management and interpretation of heritage, in regards to the right to accessing heritage and cultural development and respect for cultural diversity, the operational integration of cultural values into the contemporary social and economic structures, the transformation of cultural values into a powerful development tool, and most of all the safeguarding and protecting of these values for future generations.
Main issue of the Conference is the necessity to maintain the particularities of local identities connected operationally with new social and developmental perspectives. Within this general framework we wish our Conference to build a creative initiative, in order to contribute to the design and implementation of innovative heritage strategy and the creation of a common vision.
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