What does SEPA direct debiting mean?

Direct debiting allows Interpret Europe to charge your bank account for your membership fee or other payments, such as conference fees. This system operates only if you issue Interpret Europe with a written and signed SEPA direct debit mandate. Once you have issued the mandate it remains valid until you withdraw it or leave the association. More information

The advantages of direct debiting are:

  • You don’t have to worry about paying your membership fee on time
  • We don’t have to send reminders to members who have forgotten to pay their fee
  • As Interpret Europe is a charity, our bank does not charge for SEPA direct debiting and it costs you nothing as well
  • Administration costs are kept to a minimum which means your fees can be applied to furthering the purposes of our association

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I live in country xy. Can I use SEPA direct debiting?

All members holding a bank account in the Single Euro Payments Area can take advantage of direct debiting. This area also includes non-Euro currency countries like the UK or Switzerland – see SEPA.

SEPA direct debits have been accepted in the whole area since 1 November 2010, at least by all banks in EU member states. This is a big step towards an easier and cheaper way of transferring money within Europe.

However, a few banks do not yet meet the technical requirements for on-line direct debiting. If this happens we will suggest another solution for you.

If you don’t have a bank account in one of the SEPA countries, please refer to PayPal.

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Is there any risk in issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate?

Your direct debit mandate allows Interpret Europe to charge you only for those sums that you already agreed, such as the annual membership fee or a conference fee.

Up to eight weeks after your account is debited you can refuse the money transfer without giving a reason, and your bank will reverse the money transfer. In the (hypothetical) case of an unauthorised debit, you have 13 months in which to reverse the transfer.

Your rights are significantly enhanced in comparison with other forms of money transfer.

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Do I need to tell my bank about my SEPA direct debit mandate?

No. You need only submit the signed direct debit mandate to Interpret Europe. Our bank does everything else.

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Why can’t I find an option for the SEPA direct debiting in my online banking interface?

Because no action is required from you besides submission of the signed mandate.

However, when your bank account is charged by direct debit, you will probably see an icon that allows you to reverse the money transfer with one mouse-click.

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I have to use PayPal. Why is there no direct link to PayPal on the membership form?

We use PayPal direct invoicing for those who opt for PayPal.

You do not need to remember when your annual membership fee is due because you will receive an email invoice via PayPal which already contains the relevant data.

Please ensure that all emails from interpret-europe.net or interpret-europe.org are not blocked by your spam filters.

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Our organisation does not permit us to issue direct debit mandates or to use PayPal. What should we do?

Please contact the management if you need an invoice for payment of your membership or conference fees.