Join us on 13 October 2021 at 18:00 CEST for the thematic table, Seeing the invisible – interpreting sensitive natural heritage in protected areas, hosted by IE’s Natural Heritage Coordinator Vida Ungar and her team. You can register here.

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Each year thousands of people flock to national and nature parks, searching for relaxation and adventure in pristine nature. However, the more people come, the less pristine nature gets. So, how can we invite people to parks in a way that they get immersed in nature and yet disturb the natural world as little as possible? How do we ‘ensure’ a first-hand visitor experience of endangered species that can very rarely be seen, or that we don’t want disturbed in their natural home? How can we inspire visitors and infect them with love and respect for all of natures’ communities: those of plants, animals and humans?

Our Natural Heritage Team is convinced that the interpretive approach can provide some answers to those questions and invite you to join us to share and exchange your ideas with ours.

As IE members you are welcome to join us on Zoom (registration needed), follow the livestream or watch recordings in the IE members group on Facebook.