Dijana Pita da Costa is the newly appointed Social Media Coordinator for Interpret Europe.

Her career includes research in varying fields: archaeological fieldwork, museum education and outreach work, visitor research and evaluation, and social media for heritage and hyperlocal initiatives. She is one of the initiators and editors of a Facebook heritology platform Herit. She also is both the social media and journal editor for Sardinha, a hyperlocal publication about the Portuguese community in Slovenia.

Dijana’s early interest in past culture led her in to the field of archaeology, in which she worked in the private sector for several years. At the time, attempts to communicate and interpret archaeology to community groups were almost non-existent and the desire to change the situation has brought Dijana into the field of heritage interpretation. She won a European Social Fund award to do a PhD in Heritology (Heritage Studies) at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in collaboration with the City Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. Her research focuses on the role of archaeological heritage in museum education programmes, with special interest in the tools, methodology and theories determining how such heritage is being interpreted.

At the City Museum of Ljubljana, Dijana had the opportunity to experience the various fields of work in museums. She first worked in Collections Management, helping with accession registration of museum objects, and inventory and database management. She then moved to work with visitors, working in various roles such as museum guide, pedagogical instructor, and as Visitor Research Assistant in the Education department. Recently, Dijana has advised on the development of public programmes in the new Anin dvor Museum in her hometown, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia.

Dijana is also interested in linking the knowledge of academics with the needs of economy. She holds experience in developing and managing projects whereby young heritage graduates enhance their professional skills by collaborating with a partner from industry.

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