Image: Extra workshop for IE members/ past trainees by Max Dubravko Fijačko

Interpret Europe is your organisation and there are many ways to become more involved, exchange ideas and experiences.

An invitation to find your own motivation… this title sounds like a verse from a poem.

If it really was a poem, the next line could be:

Every organisation is as strong as how active each member is.

OK, no rhyme this time (heh!), but in fact the invitation here is just a great example of how to better connect and how to become a more active member within our organisation.

All IE Certified Interpretive Trainers know (I hope) that especially our IE certification courses should have a long-lasting networking impact. They promote the building of strong relationships between the participants, as well as between the participants and the trainer.

That was the reason I organised an extra three-hour workshop for my previous course participants, approximately two months after the course. The idea was to refresh their memory, but also to motivate them to connect even more with other members of Interpret Europe.

Aren’t common values, beliefs and dreams exactly the reasons why we all became members of Interpret Europe? If this is true, why not take this great opportunity and exchange ideas or simply learn from each other. Engagement is the answer. It builds relationships with our members and adds value to our professional lives, as IE’s new mission statement claims: Empowering all who inspire meaningful connections with Europe’s natural and cultural heritage to shape our common future.

So, let’s really empower each other first. Let’s exchange ideas and information. Let’s cooperate on new projects. Let’s inform each other about new projects, new ideas, etc…

If you wait for some big opportunity – fine, then the time is now! The next big opportunity is the annual Interpret Europe conference, this year focusing on ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’. iecon21 will be online, on 1-4 October, but you can start with preparations and connections right now. The call for papers is just about still open if you act fast! If you have any idea to share or exchange about the theory and practice of interpretive approaches to tourism development and reconsidering the role of heritage interpretation in tourism and community development for tourist destinations, you are more than welcome to become a more active member. Check out more here:

I hope it is clear, that all of you are invited. Remember, IE is all yours.

Max Dubravko Fijačko is an IE Certified Interpretive Trainer and is Conference Manager for this year’s IE web conference #iecon21 (1-4 October). You can get in touch with him at:

To cite this article: Fijačko, Max Dubravko (2021) ‘ Get involved with IE – An invitation to find your own motivation’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 2-2021, 34.

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