What is heritage? All of us have different answers depending on the particular context we are involved in. Yet it is often impossible to describe the subject of our interpretive work properly without putting it into different boxes: Cultural/natural, tangible/intangible, ordinary/canonized. In this webinar, we will set aside these and other similar categories and introduce a concept which can influence how we work with different phenomena. We will claim that heritage has a dual nature and that this duality influences how we perceive it and how it develops over time. If you would like to join for this webinar, register here.

Árpád Bőczén is a Hungarian architect, heritage manager, DJ, president of KÖME / Association of Cultural Heritage Managers, IE country coordinator and certified trainer. He is a project manager, researcher and professional consultant in different projects related to education, communication, surveying, development and maintenance of all kinds of cultural heritage and heritage communities. His main interests are the relations between heritage, landscape and cultural changes.