1 – 4 October 2021, online

Under the theme ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’, we have merged heritage interpretation with sustainable tourism in order to offer unique opportunities along the tourist service chain to both local people and visitors. Everything you have come to expect from an IE conference – inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops, thematic discussions and networking – has been included.

We need to rethink tourism’s success, both at the destination and visitor level, by encouraging heritage interpretation. Closer cooperation between tourism and heritage interpretation could lead to new approaches from which especially smaller communities might benefit.

Our 2021 conference aimed to share and exchange theory and practice of interpretive approaches to the development of tourism and to rethink the role heritage interpretation plays in tourism and in community development at tourist destinations.

The event attracted 114 attendees from 36 countries and it hosted 53 sessions throughout the four conference days.

Conference proceedings (pdf)

Keynote speeches (video)

Other recorded presentations