Doubling IE’s membership is our biggest goal in 2016. To achieve it, we need just 28 more new members! Have you managed to recruit an additional member yet? Please help us reach our goal in these last few days of December!

A year ago, Peter Seccombe, former Vice Chair of our Supervisory Committee, laid down a challenge. What if every member could find someone to double our membership? This ambitious goal became part of our management plan. It is a critical step to cover a wider array of subjects and extend our geographical coverage so that we can form new working teams. Of course, we also want to secure modestly-priced membership fees, while maintaining IE’s financial independence. We need just 28 more new members to achieve our biggest goal of the year, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy before the year is out! This should be on your mind at the Christmas party, at the museum you visit over the holidays, whilst chatting to your friends in the pub – please consider all who might benefit from IE membership and encourage them to join NOW!

The best way to convince people to join Interpret Europe is by speaking directly to them. If you enjoyed an IE conference or training course and think of the satisfying moments you shared, you’ll surely know how to tell those enchanting stories. We need potential partners. We also need friends in other countries to get inspired and to broaden our horizons. What profession is more geared to this than heritage interpretation? Being a member of Interpret Europe means feeling that together we can make a difference, regardless of what country we live in. Together, we are stronger, better and more representative of our art. At every meeting of one of our working teams, this sublime blend of experience comes to the fore and frequently it can be really compelling.

In regions where heritage interpretation is less widely known, where just a few devotees are found, Interpret Europe helps to foster an identity for interpreters. Yet, in all these countries where we have just a few members, there are invariably other individuals, organisations and companies offering interpretive services who might like to exchange their experience. Does anyone come to mind?

Think about your immediate friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Is there someone you feel could benefit from being part of a European interpretation network that caters for personal and professional development? Think about the organisations you work with, such as museums, parks, university faculties, etc. Do you think they could benefit from IE membership? What about your equipment, planning, design partners? Might they be interested in extending their markets and learning from others to boost the quality of their products and services?

If you have someone in mind who you think would be keen to try out IE, remember to tell them that if they join now, the rest of 2016 membership will be free.

Please help us and take a moment to think. You are our greatest asset and we really need your help, as active members, to double up and increase our overall membership. We’re counting on you and hope you can play your part to bring us new colleagues and partners.

IE’s Managing Directors are Thorsten Ludwig and Sebastian Zoepp from Germany. Thorsten runs Bildungswerk Interpretation, providing interpretive training, planning and consulting since 1993. You can get in touch with him at: Sebastian runs Spreescouts and Spree Academy in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve south-east of Berlin. You can contact him at:

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