I am grateful for growing up in an environment that always had nature as the highest value. My father made me love the mountains; my mother introduced me to the greenery. I never loved learning at school (I was not the only one for sure) but magically learned about geography, biology, astronomy, natural resources, renewable energy, sustainable growth, physics, chemistry, physiology, by just exploring nature.

One day, asking what my childhood friend was doing these days, led me to the CIG seminar and the amazingly organised toolbox of interpretation! At last I could explain how I was working. I also found a structured way to use my tools. Life became more interesting and challenging!

I believe that natural heritage is the life-giving oxygen for our body and our soul; neglecting it challenges our future – cultural or physical – ours and the generations to come. At this critical point for our planet; it is our duty to share our passion, our knowledge and experience to preserve and promote our natural heritage.

Thank you to Peter Phillipson (UK) who held this office until 31 March 2018.