These courses are for people who are looking for additional skills in guiding. If you want to learn innovative techniques of heritage interpretation, or become a trainer of such skills, join us in June in Poland.

We believe that cultural and natural heritage is a great treasure. However, it is not enough to protect it. We should also share it, making it available in a thoughtful, interesting and engaging way, making it easier for recipients to understand and appreciate its values. We perceive heritage institutions as guides, whose task is to pay attention, give thought, catch sight, arouse emotions, infect with passion, provoke dialogue. Therefore, we chose the Italian, Cicerone, as the patron of our meetings – an entertaining storyteller who, with commitment and a gleam in his eye, guides people through monuments and museums.

Within the project, we organise workshops and courses devoted to heritage interpretation, which are Run by internationally recognised experts. Participants have the opportunity to develop competencies in the field of communication with visitors, as well as to learn practical techniques of sharing and working with heritage.

The Malopolska Institute of Culture (MIK), in cooperation with Interpret Europe, would like to offer you Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) and Interpretive Guide Trainer (CIGT) courses. The programme of the courses is based on the Interpret Europe methodology, which includes presentations, practical exercises, peer evaluation, and teamwork, offering you the possibility to join the network of professionals in the field of natural and cultural heritage and meet inspiring people.

Details of upcoming CIG and CIGT courses (conducted in English):
•    June 2018 in beautiful Krakow – a city full of monuments, bustling with cultural life
•    Villa Decius – a marvellous Renaissance palace surrounded by an extensive park
•    Experienced trainers – Thorsten Ludwig and Valya Stergioti
•    International group of participants, providing new, exciting contacts
•    Prices vary according to the average income levels in different countries, so it should be affordable for you

Application deadline: 14 May 2018
More information:
Let’s meet in Krakow in June!

Katarzyna Barańska is the Cicerone project coordinator, working in the Malopolska Institute of Culture in Krakow. You can get in touch with her at:

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