This year, we want to use some money to produce different media products which we have intended to order for some time. We are looking for someone who would be ready to organise the development of these media on a paid basis, and who at the same time would be ready to establish and coordinate our new IE Media Team on a volunteer basis.

Service contract for the organisation of IE media production (paid position for one year):

  • Good photos and video footage from conferences, courses, etc.
  • Conference folders
  • Postcards, mainly with pictures and slogans for easy adaptation and translation
  • Standard flyer, mainly with graphics for easy translation
  • Learning map, mainly with graphics for easy translation
  • Image wall suitable for trade shows and other promotional events
  • Short films (clips) to promote IE training courses
  • Animated films and illustrations explaining the relevance of HI
  • New website design

This list would be subject to consideration together with you, and as a result some media might be replaced by others. The service contract does not include the production of the media but the facilitation of their production by agencies. It will last for one year.

Role of the IE Media Coordinator (volunteer position for two years):

  • Fostering the interpretive approach as undertaken by lE and, in cooperation with lE’s other coordinators, promote lE and its activities including lE’s training programme
  • Suggesting appropriate media to introduce and implement lE’s products and services in the most effective way. Drafting briefs, search for appropriate offers, and facilitate the development of these media
  • Taking care that the IE office has the material it needs (pins, flags, pens and similar material) and that all coordinators are equipped with current business cards

You need to be experienced in the field and able to work independently. Your application should contain a letter with the summary of your competences in media and a CV. Please send your application before 15 April 2019 to