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Cultural Heritage in Action enlists the Bakar Water Carrier in its catalogue of good practices. Could your project also be eligible?

We have already written about the Bakar Water Carrier project in previous editions of this newsletter. This time, we would love to share some wonderful news with you! Cultural Heritage in Action recognised the project, and it is now a part of its catalogue of good practices.

If you haven’t read about our project before, let us share a few words.

Bakar Tourism Board initiated the project to tell the story of a historical personality – a 19th century water carrier called Ivan Čop. Private and public entities sponsored the project, while local schools created the content. The community gathered and published an illustrated book, Pebbles of Tears, that works as a self-guided tour about Ivan Čop.

The book is available in Croatian and English. It can be found online, in printed form, or as an audiobook. Almost 100 people, including dozens of children, helped the book come to life. All of the illustrations and every word are the children’s work.

Ivan Čop’s life story is one about resourcefulness, recovery and resilience. It so happens that the project is chosen as an example of ‘Recovery and resilience’, and is still the only representative of that section. Other entries from all over Europe were selected for other sections: Participatory governance, Governance and financing, Sustainable development, Quality of interventions, Adaptive re-use.

Do you have a project that could fit well under one of those themes? We are sure that Interpret Europe has more examples to share. Cultural Heritage in Action’s call for good practices is still open. We enjoyed sharing the story about our project. We also enjoyed reading about other projects that made it into the catalogue. That is why we encourage you to apply, too. It would be nice to be in the company of some more examples by Interpret Europe members.

Read the book about the blind Bakar water carrier here:

More information about Cultural Heritage in Action’s good practices:

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