In the face of conflict, we believe interpretation can help sow the seeds for a better future. Prepare the seedbed by joining our crowdfunding campaign!

Day after day, people in Ukraine are suffering from war. A crime of aggression, that many thought was unimaginable in today’s Europe, is shaking our peaceful coexistence to its very foundations. UNESCO is calling for value-based heritage interpretation. Is there any prospect for undertaking this in Ukraine? What can we do today to help foster peace and sustainability in the longer run? We will discuss such questions at our upcoming conference, and we want our friends from Ukraine to be part of this.

Please help to collect the funds to invite our Ukrainian members to Sighișoara!

Initiated by a bottom-up initiative of some dedicated members, we aim to achieve an amount of €2,500 which is considerable, but not so if all of us help. Every euro counts. Even if you might not be able to come to Romania, please contribute your donation.

Funds are collected through our fundraising campaign on Gogetfunding, a dedicated and transparent crowdfunding platform. It accepts credit/debit card and Paypal instalments. If you can only transfer your donation through a bank transfer, use these details:

Bank transfer
Interpret Europe
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 7912 4662 00

If you can choose only the last option, but consider that banking fees are an issue, get in touch with your country coordinator or with other IE members in your country to organise a collective transfer. Please feel free to ask us for how to make contacts with other members. You will find the growing list of donors and can watch the progress of our initiative on the campaign website and at social media. Where you donate, but don’t want to be listed, just drop us a line at

Let our Ukrainian members gather strength from the support of their IE family for a few days. We are sure we can make it happen and I’m really looking forward to your support.