The picturesque region of Goričko, where the heritage is a part of everyday live, was host to the first training for CIH in Slovenia.

How come, that such important training is having its premičre in Slovenia in such an unknown region? This is easy to explain. It is a region where volcanoes erupted forming a landscape that was once the bottom of the Pannonia sea, millions of years ago. This special interplay of fire and water made the landscape magnificent. And the humans living here do such magic things. Not exploiting the nature that surrounds them, but living with nature, knowing and understanding that it is the one and only force that gives us all we need for living.

The banks of the Ledava river, that flows down the valley to an artificial lake in Krašči, are appreciated by hikers, runners, bikers and nature lovers. The birds living in the treetops make the most beautiful sounds in the early mornings and late afternoons. The fields, that claim very gentle treatment, are cultivated all year round and the view of the small fields, where almost every one has a different colour, is amazing.

The natural heritage here is more than just the fields. It includes the willows growing on the river banks. They have been used by people for hundreds of years. Home-made baskets were braided during the long winter evenings. I can still remember, how my grandfather used to do it in the middle of the kitchen and my grandmother was complaining about the mess he made with it. And the smell of his cigarettes still hangs in the air, that is never going away…

One of the participants of the CIH course, Dominika, invited Janja, our trainer, me and some others to join her on a training course. Dominika has a special bond to this part of Slovenia. Although she lives in the capital city, Ljubljana, she loves the people living here; she feels this humble but very powerful mixture of people – three religions, Roman settlements, traditional farmers and entrepreneurs, experienced people and children, … and the border to Austria and Hungary very near.

The CIH training was enriched by participation of candidates from almost all areas of Slovenia. We enjoyed the training, the new knowledge, our trainer, Janja, with her special way of teaching and storytelling. We also enjoyed the hospitality from our colleague, Brigita, when she led us to the orchard farm and demonstrated how much a love connection and skills can contribute to sustainable and most delicious products. But what we enjoyed the most, was the feeling that was given to us by completing the training: the knowledge that all the stories we are already telling can be told in such a beautiful way. That we can interact with our visitors through such simple questions. And that the stories told by interpretive hosts touch everyone’s heart.

It is your turn to find out what we accomplished by taking part in this particular training. And listen to the stories and dive into the heritage of Goričko, Slovenia. You are very welcome.

Melita Gaber is the owner of a small tourism consulting office. She is many things: a travel ambassador, entrepreneur, coffee-lover, bookworm, passionate storyteller. Above all, she loves nature. She can be contacted at:

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