Changing the role of a guide into an interpreter who inspires participants to learn by themselves is also a learning experience for the guide.

The guides of the Split-Dalmatia region in Croatia enjoyed theoretical and practical instruction during a five-day IE Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) course delivered in October at different locations in Split.
The first day was overwhelming, especially when we realised that on the last day we would have to take our written and oral exams. However, the indoor and outdoor presentations and workshops made us more confident and relaxed.

We all agreed that open-ended questions provided the most engaging problems for us, and the difference between theme and topic was not clear at first. The excercises of using stepping stones, engaging senses, drama techniques and making unusual sensory experiences were the most amusing part of the outdoor activities. In the group work we all demonstrated our collaboration and cooperation to achieve the main goal. Our communication skills improved, especially in interpretive critiquing. The participants showed high motivation, enthusiasm, appreciation and friendliness.

Personally, I liked making mind maps to remind myself of keywords and notions of my interpretive talk.

By changing the role of a guide that instructs into the role of an interpreter who inspires participants, we also became learners.

This was all possible because our trainers, Magdalena Ku’ and Samia Zitouni, were very instructive, helpful and always ready to lead us. Through their knowledge, experience, and above all patience, all participants enhanced their competences in presenting and interpreting the heritage phenomena of macro and micro locations of Croatia. We were provided with many examples of how to touch emotions and open minds to different aspects and situations in interpretation.

Ana Jakić is a teacher and a tourist guide in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. She teaches young and teenage learners English language and simple cooking, provides different walking and riding tours in Croatian, English and Italian languages, and organises wine and oil tasting. You can get in touch with her at:

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