On 14 July, an online party celebrated our history and successes and looked to the future of IE, with cake and singing.

Now that we are all used to Zoom, it made it much easier to gather together members past and present from across Europe to celebrate the first ten years of IE.

The party was hosted in Slovenia – at the site of the first conference where IE was officially ‘born’ – by Helena Vičič, one of our Managing Directors, and Janja Sivec, Country Coordinator Slovenia, both of whom happened to be there ten years ago too.

Janja moderated a relaxed chat session in which we heard a little of the history of the development of the organisation from some of the founding members and original Supervisory Committee, she asked questions of some of our current coordinators and then Thorsten Ludwig, Managing Director, shared some thoughts on the direction we are heading together.

In what can only be described as an assault on culture, we attempted an unrehearsed live singalong of the Ode to Interpretation – words which Michael Glen had crafted to the tune of the European anthem, Ode to Joy. This element of the celebration definitely needs to be repeated at next year’s conference as the delays over the internet didn’t do us any favours!

If you missed it, keep an eye on IE’s YouTube channel where we will post a summary of the event.

As for the cake – they enjoyed it in Slovenia and didn’t share with the rest of us!

Marie Banks is IE’s News Coordinator and works as a freelance interpretation specialist, copy writer, editor and proofreader. She can be contacted at: marie.banks@interpret-europe.net.

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