Becoming better interpreters (Image: Zrilić)

Interpretation as a communication tool is increasingly proving to be a medium that makes our experience unique.

As someone who deals with tourism on a practical level – as a head of a tourist office and as a tourist guide – but also as someone who deals with tourism on a scientific level by scruntinising tourism trends and communication in tourism, I can not hide my enthusiasm for a workshop like the heritage interpretation one delivered by Interpret Europe.

This type of workshop and the training of various tourism stakeholders to interpret and show love for their heritage, shows how Interpret Europe keeps pace with tourism trends. More and more people are looking for a unique experience and some more meaning, some special message, and not just a list of facts and boring data.

Personally, what thrilled me the most in the workshop was the enthusiasm of the trainer, whose energy moved all participants to get involved from the very beginning and very successfully master the techniques of heritage interpretation. As someone who deals with communication on a scientific level, I noticed that some participants made significant progress, and our trainer constantly pointed out good and bad practices and enabled everyone to become an even better interpreter.

Each of us can make our own contribution to the interpretation of heritage through original interpretive walks and speeches. Every country, and especially small countries like Croatia, needs a special story to attract attention. Interpreting heritage as a communication tool is something that all countries, and especially those less recognisable countries, should be encouraged to embrace.

When we become aware of the importance of communication, but especially the importance of interpretation, then we will no longer have to worry about our heritage because it will be in the hands of those who recognise the importance of heritage preservation.

Many thanks to Interpret Europe, to the trainer, Ivana Zrililć, and to all participants who made me an even better interpreter.

Dejan Gluvačević, PhD, is a private entrepreneur and external associate at Faculty of Political Science (University of Zagreb, Croatia). His scientific research includes areas of destination branding and communication in tourism. Professional experience gained working as a PR manager, tourist guide and manager of a travel agency.

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