There are several open calls to look at and some new tools to help identify long-term opportunities. Take a look and good luck!

Horizon Europe work programme 2023-24 

€13.5 billion available through this fund for cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries.

On 6 December the European Commission officially adopted the main Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-24, with a budget of around €13.5 billion out of the Horizon Europe total budget of €95.5 billion. The first calls for proposals are now open on the EU Funding & Tenders Portal

All research topics on cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries are under cluster 2 “culture, creativity and inclusive society”, while cluster 5 “climate, energy and mobility” contains a topic on future-proofing of historical buildings for clean energy transition. 

The Commission is offering Horizon Europe Information Days targeting potential applicants. The info day on Cluster 2 will take place on  17 January 2023. More detailed information is available in this press release

Culture Moves Europe 2022-2025
€21 million available under the Creative Europe programme – Europe’s largest mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals.

On 10 October, the European Commission launched Culture Moves Europe, its new permanent mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals, as well as a first call for individual mobility. A total budget of €21 million is available under the Creative Europe programme for a three-year-period (2022-2025). This makes Culture Moves Europe the largest European mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals targeting all Creative Europe countries and sectors covered by the Culture Strand of the programme. 

The mobility scheme is particularly focused on emerging artists. Culture Moves Europe will allow around 7,000 artists, creators, and cultural professionals to go abroad for professional development or international collaborations, to co-produce, to co-create, and to present their works to new audiences. More information can be found here.

New European Bauhaus call under EU Cohesion Policy
€50 million available for innovative projects in cities – up to €5 million per project.

On 11 October, the European Urban Initiative launched a €50 million call to support urban innovation and cities’ capabilities to promote sustainable urban development. This call is a perfect translation into practice of the core values of the New European Bauhaus (NEB): aesthetics, sustainability, and inclusion. The NEB is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative in the making; connecting the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences. 

The call will allow the second generation of NEB demonstrators to be implemented after the first six projects that were financed under Horizon Europe. Each project can receive up to €5 million. Part of this allocation will support the transfer of these innovative solutions to other cities in Europe to have an even bigger societal impact. Cities are invited to present project ideas on four associated themes most relevant to mobilise Cohesion policy at wider scale: circular economy and carbon neutrality; preservation of cultural heritage; adaptation of buildings for affordable housing solutions; and regeneration of urban spaces. The European Urban Initiative is part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  

The call is open until 19 January 2023 – 2pm. More information here.

New European Bauhaus prizes
15 winners could receive up to €30,000 for projects highlighting how to reach a more sustainable and inclusive future.

On 6 December, the European Commission launched the 3rd edition of the New European Bauhaus prizes. Applications are open until 31 January 2023 at 19:00 CET. The goal of the prizes remains unchanged: to highlight outstanding projects and ideas that bring people together to build a more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive future. 

The 2023 edition introduces two novelties: applications are open to the Western Balkans, in addition to the EU Member States; and a new education and learning strand has been added to celebrate the upcoming European Year of Skills. 

Each of the 15 winners will receive up to €30,000 and a communications package. More info can be found on the dedicated platform and the New European Bauhaus website. Also have a look at the press release and questions and answers webpage.

Two new tools launched on the Creatives Unite platform

Creatives Unite, set up to respond to the covid crisis and beyond, has launched: ‘So you need money’ and ‘My intellectual property’.

On 11 October, these two new features were launched on the Creatives Unite platform: 

  • So, You Need Money? guides CCS professionals through 700 different private finance and national public funding providers. The goal is to raise awareness among the CCS about different financing instruments, to provide an overview of long-term opportunities tailored to users’ specific needs and to provide capacity-building through inspiring cases, useful toolkits, etc. This tool is envisaged to be complementary to the CulturEU funding guide, and to provide information on financing resources which are not covered by it.
  • My Intellectual Property gathers over 250 available Intellectual Property (IP) tools specialised for CCS, with the goal of making the CCI-related IP information/sources/tools (available in different languages) directly accessible for the final users, i.e. businesses and professionals in the CCI, to increase their awareness and use of IP.  

The Creatives Unite platform was set up with the help of the Commission and the European Parliament Pilot project FLIP (Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for CCIs). The Creatives Unite platform offers a common space for all cultural and creative sectors in Europe and further afield to share their initiatives and actions in response to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

To cite this article: IE News Team (2022) ‘Funding opportunities and support’ in Interpret Europe Newsletter 4-2022, pg.27-28

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