Image: Azores Geopark

17 December 2020,18:00 CET

– For professional members only –

In this webinar, Carla Silva explored some of the ideas discussed in the ‘Geology round table’ she hosted at IE’s 2020 Web Conference. She talked about the philosophy behind the UNESCO Global Geoparks, linking education, heritage conservation and sustainable economy, showed some examples of geointerpretation and presented the concept of Geofood.

Carla Silva is a divided person: between the Azores archipelago and Portugal mainland; between biology and geology; between doing and training others. She has worked with whale watching companies, schools, environmental NGO and is a children´s book author, but finds adult teaching/training the most challenging. She now works for the Azores Governmental Services of Nature Conservation and Environmental Awareness, where she is a trainer for Azores Natural Parks Courses for Tourist Guides and on several workshops for school teachers. She is still hands-on as a guide at the UNESCO World Heritage Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, and has been part of the educational team on the UNESCO Global Azores Geopark since the project began in 2012. Carla is IE’s Country Coordinator Portugal and volunteers in the IE teams for Geological heritage and Gastronomic heritage.