On my way toward working in heritage interpretation, my first step was enrollment on the Managing Sustainable Tourism Development study programme at the VERN University of Applied Sciences. There I learned about the tourism industry and the challenges it brings with its everchanging nature. But, due to my habit of always seeking different points of view, I wanted to expand this knowledge and give it another perspective, which led to my second degree in History of Art and Museology and Heritage Management at the University of Zagreb. In 2015, after graduation and having gained experience through several student jobs, I joined Muses Ltd., Croatia’s first specialised boutique company for managing projects in culture and tourism.

I’m an active member of the Executive Board of Interpret Croatia – the Croatian Association for Heritage Interpretation, as well as other professional associations, such as the International Council of Museums (ICOM). In my pursuit of new experiences and active involvement in cultural interpretation at the European level, I have found my place in the sun at Interpret Europe.

Thank you to Dijana Pita da Costa (Slovenia) who held this office until 31 March 2018.