Nature interpretation in the Nordic countries – experiences, learning, reflection and participation when people and nature meet.

The SLU Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation has recently published a book on nature interpretation in the Nordic countries in close collaboration with colleagues in Denmark, Norway and Finland. The production was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. There has been a Nordic cooperation in ‘naturvägledning’ nature interpretation since the 1990s and the editorial group has cooperated for the last ten years. The textbook/ anthology gives a 2020 overview of the practice and theoretical development and examples of heritage interpretation from all countries. The production has given the opportunity to gather educators and professionals in all our countries, to inspire each other, share reflections and to put into words our common theoretical and practical development. The book has been published in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and English.

From the back cover of the book:
Nature interpretation in the Nordic countries is a book about communication between nature interpreters and their participants in our landscapes. It´s about first hand experiences of nature and the importance of paying attention to what is inspiring and fascinating, especially valuable or threatened. And about possibilities to reflect over the relation between human and nature. Educators, researchers and interpreters contribute with articles about nature interpretation in theory and practice.

The book is written for everyone who is interested in how interpretation can contribute to a sustainable future, nature conservation and areas in society like public health, democracy and the right for all citizens to visit and experience nature. The purpose is to inspire nature interpreters to offer more and even better experiences and learning in the Nordic nature and cultural landscapes.

There is a very limited edition of printed copies in English but you can download it as a PDF for free from the Nordic Council of Ministers:

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Eva Sandberg is the Director of SLU Swedish Center for Nature Interpretation at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and also the editor of this publication. She can be contacted at:

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