Want to study heritage interpretation in Europe?


As an academic discipline, heritage interpretation is taught in many universities across the world. It is a blend of developmental psychology, learning theories, communication, cognitive and many other sciences.

In the following list you will find full programmes and modules that are offered by European universities under the term ‘(heritage) interpretation’.


Masaryk University Brno 
Environmental interpretation, module (open to all) at the Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Environmental Studies
Focus of the module: The course is an introduction to the field of heritage interpretation. Students get overview of the theoretical background and interpretation management both abroad and in the Czech Republic. They will study methods of environmental interpretation and relevant methods of psychology, communication and education. Students learn evaluation of interpretation and will be able to choose good practice in the field based on theoretical concepts. Students will design their own environmental interpretation project.
Course language: English
Mode of study: weekly 2h, one semester
ECTS credit points: 3
Contact: Michal Medek, 7142@mail.muni.cz, Phone: +420 604 863 167, website link