Want to study heritage interpretation in Europe?


As an academic discipline, heritage interpretation is taught in many universities across the world. It is a blend of developmental psychology, learning theories, communication, cognitive and many other sciences.

In the following list you will find full programmes and modules that are offered by European universities under the term ‘(heritage) interpretation’.

Nova Gorica

University of Nova Gorica
Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage (ETCAEH)
 (one module: Methodologies of historic research for heritage interpretation) within an undergraduate degree programme
Focus of the course: The course aims at setting up the holistic framework within the set of methods and tools of historic research in order to formulate a strategic approach that is fundamental for the theory, practice and methods of heritage conservation, management and planning.
Live analysis in situ of urban spaces ,buildings and landscape will enable students to better understand what cultural heritage means and to perceive the works for what they really are: visual testimonies of history and tradition.
Course language: English
Mode of study: n/a
ECTS credit points: 3
Contact: Elena Svalduz, elena.svalduz@unipd.it, website link

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